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The following services are included in the basic property management package:

* Checking that all doors and windows are closed and locked

* Checking that the thermostat of the AC unit is configured to your desired temperature

* Checking for visible leaks from water pipes in kitchen, bathrooms, water boiler

* Checking for visible ant-piles, insects, etc.

* Checking fuse, especially after heavy weather

* Checking that refrigerator and freezer are properly working

* Checking that the alarm system is enabled

* Checking for damage on walls, windows and screens

* Checking for mail and removing advertisements from driveway

* Checking if lawn has been cut

* Visually checking if the pool is in working order

* Visually checking for vandalism and forceful entries into the house

* Checking of the sprinkler system


** If the house has been empty for a long period of time, we flush toilets and let water run on all faucets.


Check in/out - Is your house for rent (weekly/monthly)?

Do you need someone who checks in your guests and gives them important information about the house?

We offer this service additionally to our property management.


* Passing keys to the renter

* Explanation on how to operate the AC-unit

* Explanation on how to operate the lighting

* Explanation on how to operate the washing machine, dryer, and kitchen gadgets

* Reading the electricity meter

* Explanation on how to operate the alarm system

* Information on pool, spa, lighting, and heater

* Information on nearby supermarkets, stores, etc.


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Handyman services are available upon request!

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